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This incredible rune is the center of European creativity and civilization for thousands of years. Discover some interesting things about the magnificent Danube.
The Danube is the longest “weird” river in Europe.
The longest river in Europe is Volga – a never-ending water space that covers an area of ​​3 692 kilometers in western Russia. The second longest river is the Danube, 2,860 kilometers, and runs from Germany to Ukraine.
2. The Danube flows from Germany to the Black Sea.
The unmistakable length and flow from the east to the west have made this reku a center of various historical events. The Danube runs into the Black Forest region of Germany and it flows into the Black Sea.
There are numerous powerful warships at the bottom of the Danube.
In 1944, predicting that the defeat was inevitable, hundreds of German ships sailed the Danube to escape being captured by the Soviet Union. Today, warships can be seen from the coast of the Danube in the summer, when dropping water levels in the crust.
4. Passes through or through ten different states.
The Danube River flows from the source to the inland passage through different countries, but also the prestigious: Vienna, Belgrade, Budapest, Bratislava …
Routes of popular biking trails are along the Danube River.
The Danube is an important monument, but also a tourist attraction. As it passes through the main cities, there are a number of bicycle and cross-country trails.
6. The Danube was a favorite destination for many artists.
It is not only a waterway but also an important cultural monument. He inspired numerous myths, romance songs, compositions and hundreds of modern novels.
Millions of people are supplying drinking water.
Huge amount of water in the Danube basin makes it the healthiest source of boiling water in central Europe.
It represents one of the most important waterways in Europe.
Through the Bavarian Canal, the Danube connects the Atlantic Ocean with the Black Sea. Thanks to its width, the Danube can also sail large ships.
The Danube is a natural habitat of various species of flora and fauna.
The Danube can boast of the number of two hundred species of fish living in its water. Throughout history it has also been an important source of food, especially in the fall.
The Danube is an attractive cruise destination.
This reka has evolved into a valuable tourist gem, brought by people from all over the world.

The text is taken from NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC Serbia.

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