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22. јула 2017.
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Belgrade should receive typical pontoons along the coast of the Sava and the Danube. Milutin Folic: Stations on Zemun Quay, Branko’s Bridge, near Usce, Ada Ciganlija and in Block 70

BELGRADE should be given the following type of floating pontoons for small ships in five locations next year. The Secretariat for Economy commissioned a project, according to which the construction of these dock towns would cost about 13.8 million dinars. Apart from tourist boats, pontoon docks would use citizens as stops for passenger ships, within public transport lines.

On the basis of the analysis, and later on the project, whose parts “Novosti” will be published exclusively, the harbor will be located on the Zemun Quay at Gospodska Street, Brankovo ​​Bridge, the Museum of Contemporary Art, Ada Ciganlija and Obalaudvrdi in Block 70.

According to the city architect Milutin Folic, Belgrade is one of the most important ports of European nautical tourism.

– Every year, during the summer season, about 400 cruisers are joined to Belgrade, which transport about 50,000 tourists, mostly from Germany, Great Britain, USA and other countries – explains Folic. – The high standards and requirements that this type of tourism implements pose a challenge to companies working on the direct acceptance of ships and passengers. Therefore, the construction of another large cruisers dock in Zemun is planned. From this location and the port of Kosančić’s wreath, foreign tourists would board on small tourist boats. They would travel to these five locations. This type of sightseeing tour will attract other tourists who came to Belgrade by plane or by bus.

The city urbanist emphasizes the exceptional position of Belgrade. The best way would be the estuary of the Danube and the Sava, arranged shores, promenades and river islands. With new docklands, all tourists, as well as citizens, will be able to visit the capital more quickly and get to know the rich cultural heritage.

– We are planning to revive several other attractive locations on the banks of the Sava and Danube. New pontoons should be located at Ada Huja, on May 25, at another location near Usce, “Belgrade on the Water” and the Shipyard. The precondition is that these locations will be arranged, “Folic said.

City leaders say that Belgrade will use its potentials in three to four years. First of all, it is meant to descend on the river bank. The railway that crosses Dorćol, Kosančić’s wreath and Savamala from the coast is removed, and the park of Usce and Zemun quay has begun.


LOCATIONS for ports were carefully selected. They were guided to be near the promenade, picnics, cultural-artistic quarters and parks. Thus, in Zemun, the port is located across the road from the Lord. The Museum of Contemporary Art will start operating in October, and the Usce Park will be reconstructed, and this will be a great opportunity for the guests to see this decorated part of Belgrade. Ada Ciganlija and Branko Bridge will be a frequent station.


BELGRADE belongs to 200 km of coast. By introducing public transport across the Sava and Danube rivers, crowds would be reduced on the streets, while traveling would be attractive.

– We have completed the bureaucratic conditions by adopting a series of decisions, and in order for the plan to be put to work, it is necessary to build, first of all, infrastructure, that is, typical, pontoon ports – explains Milutin Folic, chief city architect.

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