The company DonauShips owns ships Trajan and Stevanske Livade. They are manufactured in a shipyard in Zaandam in the Netherlands. They are imported from there and were in regular fleet of JRB until 2009 when were bought by the company DonauShips.

Ships are registered at the relevant state institutions (Jugoregistar) and meet all legal requirements and international standards for the transport of passengers on inland waterways. Boat capacity is 60 persons.

We are glad that we can offer you the best ships of this kind in our country. Specialized purposes of the ships is sightseeing of urban areas, as well as untouched nature, which we offer in the Djerdap gorge.

In the purpose of the sightseeing these boats are used in large European cities: Paris, Rome, Amsterdam, Vienna, Budapest …

They are characterized by large glass surfaces which provide the perfect blend with the environment and unrestricted access to every detail of the river and the coast. On the other hand, the boats don’t have an open deck, so they meet the safety requirements, what is necessary in the transport of passengers, especially children.

On our ships there is a toilet, a mini bar and a mobile interior, which can be adapted to various purposes and requirements of the clients who rent the boat.

Anchorage and place of departure in Belgrade is Marina Gabbiano, exclusive floating cafe & restaurant on the Danube near the hotel Yugoslavia.