Cruise with music and a buffet table
28. маја 2017.
New in Offer !!! Cruise Golubac Fortress
28. јуна 2017.

Spend a nice evening with friends or a loved one cruising in the evening on the Danube and the Sava with delicious specialities and friendly hosts.
Experience the Belgrade with the River in a pleasant atmosphere and excellent service, with a dinner buffet with live music.
It’s up to you to enjoy and it is up to us to give you a gastronomic experience to remember.
Menu 1
-Mix Barbecue meat
(Meat, Burgers, Sausages, chicken meat, Raznjići, French fries)
(Ham, sausage, roast beef, Ham, beef ham)
-Cocktail snacks
(Mini projice with mozzarella cheese, Salt cake, Rolls with ham, Bavarian rolls with smoked ham)
(Meat, Cheese, Pizza, Greens)
-Greek Salad
-Mimosa salad
-The Muffin Mix
(Rolls, little bred)
-Small cakes
-Chocolate Cupcakes
Me 2
-Mix the fish to breathe
(Octopus, Rakčići, Prawns, Trout, Salmon, Calamari, Grilled Vegetables)
-Soya Mix snacks
(Prawns, Salmon, Sushi, Fast balls)
-Fast pie
(Potatoes …)
-Vitamin salad
-The Muffin Mix (With buckwheat rolls and pogacice…)
-Soya biscuits
Menu 3
-Mix the meat in breathing
(Turkey or chicken in sauce of gorgonzola, Chicken meat, pork meat, spicy hot chips)
(Russian salad, salad, salad Hilarious Sesame)
(Tenderloins, sausage, roast beef, Ham, ham Goveveđa)
-Russian salad
-The Muffin Mix
(Rolls, Pie, Little brad)
-Small cookies
-Chocolate Cupcakes
Depending on the wishes of guests, it is possible to combine each other specialties with all three menus.

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