NEW – daily sightseeing from the river accompanied by a tourist guide
24. априла 2018.
02.05. on today’s ride … our young guest in the role of captain
2. маја 2018.

The price of the ticket for an open bus and boat ride is 1200 rsd for adults, and for children under 12 it is 600 rsd. Departure is every Friday and Saturday at 17.00. from the Nikola Pasic Square. The tour starts by sightseeing from the open bus along the standard route, the bus takes guests to the hotel Yugoslavia, followed by the guides accompanying the guides to Stevana livade or Trajan, the tour from the river lasts for 90 minutes accompanied by a licensed guide and after the drive, guests are returning again Hotel Jugoslavija where they board the bus and return to the starting point, which is Nikola Pašić Square.
We want to mention that the sightseeing from the river is maintained with a licensed tourist guide, Serbian-English.
The boat is 50 seats.
The minimum number for the realization of the sightseeing program from the river is 15.
Route: Belgrade from the river
Panoramic sightseeing of the city by the river includes sightseeing of all 20 km of Belgrade coasts. During the Danube and Sava cruises, you will see the environment of the hotel Yugoslavia with the most famous Belgrade rafts and nightlife when leaving. Further, the waterway leads us to the Danube towards Gardoš – the most beautiful part of Zemun, from where we continue downstream around Lid and the War Island to the Nebojša Tower and the Pančevo Bridge. From the Danube we enter Sava and beside Kalemegdan, Capetania, beneath the Cathedral Church and bridges, beside the Belgrade Fair, we cruise to the bridge on Ada and from there to where we are from where we started.
NOTE: In April and May, departures are at 15:00.

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